It’s time to Focus

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Focus, defined by the dictionary, is “a central point, as of attraction, attention, or activity; to concentrate.”  Are you focused when it comes to running your business, or are you scattered all over the place and therefore ineffective?  One of my coaches suggested I start a Facebook page for Realtors (along with a whole strategy for providing value, following up, then offering teleclasses, etc.) and it sounded real good at first.  But then my business coach pointed out how it would take me lots of time and energy to implement this and it would take me off course.  I had to stop and really think about focus, about concentrating my time, energy, and attention on the two things that I know are going to bring me business right now (getting speaking engagements and setting up workshops) vs. the possibility of business down the road.  Yes, I’d love to do it all (and maybe I’ll hire someone to implement the Facebook idea) but right now I’ve decided to stay sharply focused on just those two main strategies for bringing in business right now.  So ask yourself: what is your focus?  Are you laser-like in your approach to generating more income or are you scattered all over the map?  Something to think about.  I welcome your comments as always.