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"Brad's enthusiasm and professional attitude was enlightening. I think it is fair to say Brad captivated his audience and won over a number of skeptics. A number of these staff have since confessed they actually enjoyed and benefited from the day. Well done, Brad!"

Leigh Atkinson IT and Business Manager Surrey County Council UK October 15, 2016

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“Your points on creative resolution of conflict, understanding communication styles, and coping strategies proved invaluable. The employee evaluations attest to this and because of the positive feedback, we will be doing this again.”

Laurie DeSio HR Manager, Rand McNally Media Services October 15, 2016

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“I enjoyed your presentation for the Women’s Council of Realtors in San Mateo.
Imagine my surprise when I got to my car, checked my voicemail and then realized I had the perfect opportunity to use one of the techniques I had just learned. I used it and it worked! My buyers were able to save important dollars thanks to my applying one of the principles learned in your seminar. Thank you!”

Judy LeMarr District Vice-President, CA Women’s Council of REALTORS®, Frank Howard Allen Realtors October 15, 2016

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"Thank you so much for the Customer Service training you provided. Your training style and abundant energy were well received. If a need for additional training arises, I will be sure to ask for you."

Diane Anderson Manager, Compensation and Benefits Services Center, Mervyn's October 15, 2016

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"28 people attended and universally expressed high satisfaction. Mr. Warren proved an energetic and knowledgeable presenter...he practiced what he taught and delivered his messages in ways that proved credible and applicable to a wide range of people."

David Klement Manager, United States Postal Service October 15, 2016

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"Thank you for a very successful seminar, due mainly to the presenter's style and the information shared. I haven't had so many positive comments following a seminar before. A number have indicated this is the best seminar they have attended due to the presenter."

Jan Hardes Nursing Education Manager Sydney Adventist Hospital, Australia October 15, 2016

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“Before we took Brad’s 1-hour class on the four different personality types, we were having some serious conflict between a Director and a Relater. After the class and just a 30 minute private follow up session expounding on the content of the class, I’m happy to say we are moving forward in a much more harmonious way!”

Brandon Green Principal Broker, Brandon Green & Associates Keller Williams Capital Properties Washington, DC Metro Area October 23, 2016

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“The workshop on communication styles provided a simple, easily remembered model that I can use to identify the most effective and productive ways to work with colleagues and clients.”

Jerry Straks President, PETRA Consulting and Coaching, Inc. October 23, 2016


Coaching Testimonials

“Just wanted you to know that the past two weeks felt like a real breakthrough in terms of figuring out what I want and how to get it. Thanks for persisting when I resisted!”
– Ruth Halpern
Bay Area Computer Consultant

“Thanks for your help; it was worth a million! Also thanks for the follow-up. I hope you continue giving seminars and coaching. The information you provide is an asset to all business people.”
– Mae Shoenig
Typecast Word Processing Services

“As much as I love working for myself, it can be a bit isolating. It’s great to be able to check in with you each week. It’s like having a boss who’s only interested in my agenda and entirely on my side.”
– Joel ben Izzy,
Traveling Storyteller

“Your coaching has enabled me to ‘go public’ with my skills and gifts in ways I thought would never happen in my lifetime. You are insightful and intuitive about refining my vision, and doggedly mundane about completing the details.”
– Rev. Pondurenga Das,
Yoga Master

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the business coaching.
I learned more in one hour than I did in all the seminars I previously attended on Time Management. There is not a day that goes by that I am not implementing something of value that I gained. I am definitely more productive, more focused and more accountable.
Thank you so much for your generous contribution to my success. I would definitely recommend you to anyone and everyone I know.”
– Michael Falk,
Keller Williams Realty, Santa Rosa, CA

“My coaching sessions with you were invaluable. I was able to change my communication skills to the point where I began getting more commitments from clients. I learned to be more direct, self-confident and to listen better. The improvement has been ongoing. Thank you!”
– Melissa Lyckberg
East Bay Real Estate Agent

“Brad Warren is an outstanding consultant. I believe his background in psychology gives him unique insight that he is able to efficiently utilize to propel businesses objectives. Brad is helpful and thorough. Working with Brad has enabled me to be realistic with expectations, back off from trying to hold my husband (and business partner) accountable (because I know Brad will), and keep things in perspective. Brad is worth the investment because he really does help to keep us on track. It is a difficult task and it takes talent, but Brad fits the profile to a “t”. I feel that every minute on the phone with him has incredible value and I am so thankful that our team decided to make this investment.”
-Monique Lea
Real Estate Agent with Keller Williams

“Your guidance with time-management and scheduling techniques has been most valuable. In my time working with you, we’ve prioritized my business goals and personal goals. Prior to our sessions together, my life as a self-employed businessperson was totally out of balance. By scheduling personal time and identifying what’s essential to my well being, my life has become more satisfying and is only getting better. To complete one of your sentences, ‘Brad’s coaching provides me with a system of checks and balances to keep me from spinning off and working 70-80 hours a week.’ You’ve helped me to focus on my sales numbers. You bring value by forcing me to not make excuses to myself about my production level. As an outside source, you’re there to hold me accountable to my goals. I feel the greatest value you’ve provided is your assistance with helping guide me and my growing business down a sustainable, balanced, and fulfilling path. This is a work in progress but I recognize how much further along I am then from before I started your coaching.
– Josh Jerman
Hawaii Real Estate Agent

“Brad Warren has been instrumental in both my professional and personal success over the past two years. Brad has taught me how to successfully set and reach my goals/promises. I reviewed my session notes with Brad from the past 12 months and I am excited to say that he helped me meet close to 90% of the goals I promised him. Brad has provided me with a wealth of money management/investment knowledge through his own experiences, suggested literature and other resources. As a result my husband and I are in the process of purchasing 3 investment properties, we have opened education funds for both our children, an IRA for myself, life insurance for both of us and I have implemented a SEP Plan for my business. The most important thing that I have learned from Brad is that work/life balance is ESSENTIAL. He has taught me that “slow and steady wins the race.” It’s VERY important to take time out for yourself. I can’t say enough on how WONDERFUL Brad has been over the past two years. I can’t imagine what it would have been like without his patience, faith and pride in me. Geez, Brad, I do value you and your service more than the money I pay! WHAT A GREAT DEAL I HAVE BEEN GETTING~ ☺”
– Grace Redman
Owner of Stansbury Jobs

“I don’t need a coach – my numbers are pretty good already.” At least that is what I thought until I decided to give it a try in 2006… I’m quite pleased with the improvement. In 2006 we sold $22.6 million with 51 units, and in 2007 we will be at nearly $28 million and 68 units. We bucked the market and grew – and I directly attribute our growth to Brad Warren and the KW coaching program. I’m now convinced I will always need a coach – no matter my numbers.
– Brandon Green – Principal Broker
Brandon Green & Associates
Keller Williams Capital Properties
Washington DC Metro Area