Feedback, the Breakfast of Champions

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I’m currently reading Charles Coonradt’s The Game of Work, and here’s a quote I liked: “Feedback is the breakfast of champions.  People who want to get ahead, who want to win, who want to improve and get the job done- these people want feedback.  If you don’t think feedback is important, go count the mirrors in your house.”  (I’ve got 5, not counting all my wife’s hand held ones).  Many of us cringe when we hear someone say “Hey, would you like some feedback?” because we usually associate feedback with criticism.  The key, in my opinion, is to just listen non-defensively, non-judgmentally, to what they have to say, knowing that it’s just their opinion.  And when they’re done sharing, say thank you (and mean it) and then see if there’s any kernel of truth in what they said.  If yes, take it to heart and make a change; if not, move on.  Now go count the number of mirrors in your house!