The 4th Quarter Begins Today-Turn Up The Heat!

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The final quarter of the year begins today.  The tendency, if you’re like me, is to look at your yearly goals, and, if you’re not on track to hit them, give up.  “Oh, I had such high hopes back on January 1st when I set that goal, but this happened and that happened and now I don’t see how I’m going to make it.”  Well, rather than adjust the goals downward, how about adjusting the activity upward?  Why not revamp your action plan and take massive action to at least try to hit the goals?  I was at the gym the other day and ran into a real estate friend.  “How’s it going?” I asked.  “Brad, the 4th quarter is going to be fantastic!” he replied.  “Really?  You got a lot of houses in escrow?”  “No.”  “Lots of leads in the pipeline?”  “No.”  “Listing presentations lined up?”  “No.”  “Then why are you saying it’s going to be a great quarter?”  “Because I’m in action, I’m making lots of calls, I’m doing all the things I know that will lead to business, and I just know it’s all going to work out.”  Interesting, I thought, especially since I’m right in the middle of reading The Magic of Believing by Claude Bristol, where he talks about the power of the mind and belief to make things happen.  So what’s it going to be- adjusting your goals down or your action up?  I know for me, as soon as I’m done writing this blog, I’m hitting the phone!