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Bradley K. Warren is a widely known domestic and international trainer and seminar leader. Brad has taught to audiences across the United States and in 18 foreign countries over the last 30 years, reaching over 40,000 people during that time. Widely known as an “edutainer,” he combines education and entertainment, making his trainings both fun and informative.

Using a very practical, down-to-earth approach in both his coaching and training, Brad brings over 30 years’ experience in a number of fields to his work. Utilizing a lot of humor and audience participation in his custom designed seminars, he gets the job done by working closely with the client in the beginning to figure out “the gap” between where the participants are and where the company wants them to be at the end of the training. Likewise with his coaching clients, Brad spends a significant amount of time up front determining what the clients’ goals are, and then designing a program to reach those goals. He believes that the client drives the agenda – Brad is the coach/trainer, the client is the performer.

Brad offers one-on-one coaching to real estate professionals, entrepreneurs, executives, and sole proprietors to hold them accountable, provide structure and support, and impact their effectiveness and productivity.

In addition to his graduate work in counseling, Brad has hundreds of hours of training as a mediator and negotiator, as well as being certified to teach a number of courses for other training organizations. He has also studied coaching with Patricia McDade of the Entrepreneurial Edge, and is a certified Corporate Business Coach from Corporate Coach

University. He has served as a volunteer mediator with the Hayward Area Mediation Service and as an arbitrator with the Oakland Better Business Bureau, was a founding board member of the Berkeley Dispute Resolution Service, and was the Vice President of Professional Development for the Mt. Diablo Chapter of the American Society for Training and Development.

Brad has a BS in Philosophy and Psychology from MIT and an MA in Education from the University of California at Berkeley. He is also a certified negotiator and mediator with National Center Associates, and is certified to teach the Tony Alessandra Platinum Rule Workshop. He also is versed in administering and interpreting the DISC Personality Profile as well as the Workplace Motivators Profile. Brad enjoys traveling nationally and internationally, working out, and reading.