Following are a list of my most popular workshops and presentations. Other topics are available upon request.All programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of your business:


1.  The Platinum Rule: Treat Other People the Way They Want to be Treated!

People have different personality styles, and therefore tend to communicate differently.By observing their style, and adjusting yours, you can establish rapport more quickly, communicate better, and enhance your relationships.This increased ability to communicate reduces tension, helps build better work teams, increases sales, and leads to more effective and productive relationships. K, H

2.  You Can’t Always Get What You Want, But You Can Get What You Need!

Negotiation skills are critical in today’s workplace, and are also important in your personal life as well.Understanding the dynamics of a negotiation, including the stages that one goes through, are essential to being an outstanding negotiator.With a win-win focus, you will learn how to prepare for and conduct more effective negotiations, when to use and how to counter various tactics, and how to come from an interest-based bargaining approach rather than the more traditional position-based approach. K, H, F

3.  Speak When Angry and You’ll Make the Best Speech You’ll Ever Regret!

Being able to resolve disputes, either your own or as a neutral third party, is an essential life skill needed by everyone.Learning to understand anger and where it comes from, how to deal with it, and how to assist others in overcoming their differences, will lead to a calmer, more productive life, both at work and home.While focusing primarily on communication techniques and language as the key to reducing misunderstandings, we will also look at ways to deal with emotions and reduce stress that are more internal. K, H, F

4.  Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

Being able to manage one’s time, including dealing with all the interruptions in life, is probably the most important skill one needs for a successful life.In this workshop, we cover it all: finding direction, setting goals, building a system for accomplishment, dealing with delegation and procrastination, handling phone and drop-in visitor interruptions, planning a week at a time, facilitating more effective meetings, and managing stress. K, H, F

5.We’ve Got to Stop Meeting Like This!

We all spend inordinate amounts of time in meetings, and many of us would probably say that the majority of that time is wasted.This half-day workshop will teach you all the skills and techniques you’ll need to effectively design and facilitate your meetings.We cover what to do before the meeting begins, what to do at the start of and during the meeting, and how to end and conduct effective follow up.Also includes agenda design, room set-up requirements, and various checklists. H

6. Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say: How to Design and Deliver Powerful Presentations.

Being able to present your ideas to others, whether it’s one person or a hundred, is an invaluable skill, especially at work.In this lively half-day workshop, you’ll learn how to control anxiety and nervousness, find out what to do the night before your speech, the nine key steps to creating a powerful presentation, controlling the audience environment (such as dealing with troublemakers and how to handle the Q&A), body language, building good audience rapport, and how to set up the room for maximum impact. H

7. Lead Generation in These Challenging Times: How to Get More Leads and More Sales!

If you want to succeed in these challenging times, lead generation is the most important skill to master for real estate professionals.In this 90 minute presentation, you will learn the distinction between lead generation, lead follow up, and lead conversion and why it’s critically important to do all three, at least 10 different ways to effectively lead generate, a 5-step planning process to guarantee that lead generation gets put into your planner and then accomplished, and you’ll create a 30 day action plan for generating more leads including accountability. K, H

8.  Planning and Goal Setting for Accomplishment

Everyone says they have goals.  But are they written down, with a written plan of action for accomplishing them, and do you look at that plan at least weekly?  In this presentation, you will learn what goals are, why it’s important to have them, how to write powerful goals using the SMART Formula, the 7 Step Process for Goal Accomplishment, plus the 5 Step Planning Process for making sure you schedule the right activities into your calendar so that you achieve your goals.  K, H


K = Keynote speech, anywhere from 30-60 minutes

H = Half-day workshop, anywhere from 2-4 hours

F = Full-day workshop, anywhere from 6-8 hours


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