How are you “spending” your time?

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A former coaching client excitedly told me the following insight she’d had: “Brad, I’ve been mastering my finances by allocating each dollar that I receive to a certain fund.  A set amount of each paycheck goes to savings, some to the vacation fund, some to living expenses, etc.  This has not only helped me with my money management, but has provided me with incredible peace of mind.  After reading one of your recent blogs about scheduling a week at a time, I had this insight: I could do the same thing with my minutes!  I can allocate a certain number each week to lead generation, a certain number to meetings, a certain number to client follow up, and so on.  And I expect not only will I become a master at managing my time, but I’ll experience the same peaceful feeling that I got around mastering my money!”  Wow, I thought, what a great new way to look at time management!  It raises the question for you to think about: How are YOU “spending” your minutes?