How creative are you?

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From Brandon Burchard’s new book, The Charge: “The workplace’s sea change toward creativity has major implications for your work life.  The old social compact of ‘do your job well and you’ll keep it’ died in the early 1990s, when downsizing, optimizing, and outsourcing overtook the world of business strategy.  Keeping a job today isn’t about doing a ‘good job’ or being the smartest or most pleasant to work with.  Nor is it about simply organizing and managing information or people.  Now you have to be an innovator, adding new value and competitive advantage through your creative input and collaborations.  If you’re not creative and collaborative, no one listens to you, and you quickly find yourself marginalized, tasked with the mundane, or, more likely, laid off or seeing your work outsourced.  Your role at work is now fundamentally judge by how well you create new ideas, tools, technologies, content, and campaigns that help your clients and coworkers tap into their highest potential or express themselves more fully.”  Where are you being more creative, both at work and at home?  For me, writing this weekly blog post is one new way that I’ve begun to express myself more creatively (or so I hope!  You’re the judge of that by the comments you send me).  And I don’t want to hear “But Brad, I’m not creative!”  Yes you are, by the way you speak, the way you dress, the way you run your business, the way you decorate your house, etc.  So find 2-3 new ways to express yourself creatively this week and tell me what you did.