The power of social media

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James Dorsey, “The Gen Y Guy,” was being interviewed by Darren Hardy, the editor of Success Magazine, and he mentioned that his research shows that fully 51% of Millennials will not purchase a product or service without first checking on social media to see what others (who they don’t even know) have said about that service or product.  51%!!!  And they’re listening to other people who they’ve never even met and don’t even know for their opinions.  I assume if those opinions are positive, they’ll buy, and if negative, they won’t.  Which got me to thinking: how am I showing up on social media?  Do people like my Facebook page and what I post, do they see my profile on LinkedIn and do they respect me, and in fact, do they even like the stuff that I post on my website (yes, I mean this very thing you’re reading now).  Kind of scary, isn’t it?  Maybe I’ve got you thinking now, too, about how you show up in the cyberworld.  Oh, and by the way, can you please go to my business page on Facebook and like me?  Ha! Ha!  Just kidding…or am I?