Marketing Yourself and Your Business

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This past weekend I was in Brandy and Vinca’s “Sold Out Launch” class and they said “The point of all marketing is to occupy space in people’s minds and to create brand loyalty so that they think of you as the solution to their problem.”  I like that.  They also quoted Seth Godin as saying that “marketing interrupts.”  I like that, too.  As an example, my weekly blog, this very thing you’re reading right now, has most likely interrupted whatever else you were doing and has put me into your mind.  How long I’ll remain there is questionable, but hopefully if you keep reading these posts every week, you’ll come to see me as the solution to your problem (if your problem is that you need a business coach or someone to do training at your company).  So how are you interrupting people and occupying their minds?  Is is through blogging, emails, a newsletter of some kind, traditional print advertising, TV or radio, social media marketing, or some other way?  What about educational-based marketing, which is what I do when I go out to speak and give away my knowledge?  Whatever way you’ve chosen to market yourself, just remember that it’s ongoing and continuous and constant, so don’t let up.  Now more than ever you’ve got to “occupy people’s minds” so that you stand out from the crowd.