What if everything in my life got a standing ovation?

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Have you ever had the experience of receiving a standing ovation?  If so, you know how good it feels.  The positive energy flow from the audience towards you is palatable, you can actually feel it.  I’ve been lucky enough to have this happen to me a few times in my life and I can assure you, it’s wonderful!  Imagine if everything you did got a standing ovation.  You picked up your kids at school and they applauded you, you helped out a client and they sung your praises from the rooftop, you did just a small thing for your partner or spouse and they gave you a round of applause and a big hug and a pat on the back to boot.  Imagine how good you’d be feeling all day long.  And imagine how that would bring out the best in you, how’d you take your game up a notch, how you’d strive to give the absolute best to everyone you met.  Just remember, there’s not a lot of traffic on the extra mile.  Where today can you give an outrageous performance so that you get a standing ovation?  Let me know.