Features or benefits: which do you emphasize?

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In the October issue of Inc. Magazine, Clayton Christensen quoted Theodore Levitt, legendary professor of marketing at Harvard, by saying “People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill.  They want a quarter-inch hole.”  Which I understood to mean that when you market yourself, you must focus on the benefits you bring to your clients rather than the features of your service or product.  The most important thing I try to show my potential coaching clients is the results they’ll get by hiring me, the accomplishments they will achieve, the goals they’ll reach, rather than the length of my sessions or how fast I return calls (which are important, too, but that comes later in the conversation).  Christensen also stated that “Questions are places in your mind where answers fit.  If you haven’t asked the question, the answer has nowhere to go.  It hits your mind and bounces right off.”  So what questions have you been asking yourself lately?  One of mine has been “How can I bring a ten-fold return on investment to my coaching clients?  How can I coach them so the results they get are ten times what they’ve paid me?”  I don’t have the full answer yet.  But I’d love to hear your questions, so send them to me.  Thanks!