Don’t Make Assumptions!

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Don’t make assumptions.  That’s one of the 4 Agreements in Don Miguel Ruiz’s book of the same name.  Yet how quickly I sometimes forget this, even though I read the 4 Agreements to myself every day (if you want the other 3, email me).  I was reminded of this today at lunch as I was sharing with another coach about how amazed I was that many of the people I meet don’t plan their entire week in advance like I have been doing the past 30 years.  “Brad,” she said, “just because you’ve been doing it that long and just because it makes sense doesn’t mean that others either know that information, or even if they know, are doing it.”  I had just assumed that because it’s so important to your success to have your week planned out in advance that everyone knew that and of course they were all doing it.  Not so.  So my recommendation to you this week is to be on the lookout for where you’re making assumptions, about your spouse or partner or family, about your job and career, about the economy, and so on.  Catch yourself if possible and ask “Is that really true or is it just my assumption?” and see what happens.  And of course, let me know what you discover.