Happiness is good medicine!

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Here I am again, quoting from The New Psycho-cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz: “Happiness is native to the human mind and its physical machine.  We think better, perform better, feel better, and are healthier when we are happy.  Even our physical sense organs work better.  Russian psychologist K. Kekcheyev…found that when thinking pleasant thoughts, test subjects could see, taste, smell and hear better, and they could detect finer differences in touch.  Dr. William Bates proved that eyesight improves immediately when the individual is thinking pleasant thoughts or visualizing pleasant scenes.  Psychosomatic medicine has proved that our stomachs, liver, heart, and all our internal organs function better when we are happy.”  Given all that, can you think of any reason why you’d choose to be grumpy for even a minute or two?