What’s the problem that you’re the solution to?

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I just returned from a 3-day seminar in LA conducted by Joel Roberts called The Language of Impact. It was all about how to speak more powerfully about what I do in the world. So when I was working with Joel, I started out saying things like “I help people deal with the overwhelmingly large number of emails they get” or “I help people deal with the interruptions they get from co-workers and the phone” and so on. Which, on the surface, were all true. But when we got right down to the heart of it all, the problem I solve for people is that they waste their time! That’s it, period, end of sentence. I help people stop wasting their time. That’s it in it’s most basic form. So now when people ask me what I do, I can say “I teach business owners how to stop wasting their time so they can do more of what they love, less of what they tolerate, and eliminate what they hate.” I’m going to be experimenting with that at the next few networking events I attend and I’ll let you know how it goes. So what problem do you solve?