Optimist vs. pessimist: does it matter? The answer is YES!

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In the June, 2012 issue of Success Magazine, there’s a great article on Why Happiness Matters.  In that article, the author, Patty Onderko, says the following: “Consider this chain reaction: Optimists set more goals for themselves, believing, optimistically, that they can attain them.  When they come up against obstacles, they are less likely to give in, thinking, this is a temporary setback instead of bemoaning that the odds are against me.  Because of their perseverance, they achieve their goals and are encouraged to set more – even more difficult – ones.  It’s no surprise, then, that optimists are not only happier, they’re more successful professionally, socially and athletically.”  So the next time you see a half glass of water, be sure to think of it as half filled rather than half empty.