An inflection point

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An inflection point, or what I would call a “coming to a fork in the road point” is a chance to change the way you think about something, an opportunity to take new and heretofore unrealized actions.  As Howard Stevenson says it in Howard’s Gift: “Very few people see inflection points as the opportunities they often are: catalysts for changing their lives; moments when a person can modify the trajectory he or she is on and redirect it in a more desirable direction.  Whether it’s a new job, a change in a relationship, or something else, an inflection point is one of those periodic windows of opportunity when a person can pause, reflect, and ask: ‘Self, do I want to continue on this path or is now the moment to change direction?'”  Have you had an inflection point recently in your life?  Did you even notice it for what it was?  Let me know, and I’ll share some of mine with you.