Where does wisdom come from, Part 2

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Here are the unedited responses I got to last week’s blog post:

“Some find wisdom, inspiration and creativity in the mountains, some at the seashore, some at work and some at play, some at home, and others away. For me, all of these stimulants will influence me but usually the greatest wisdom comes to me in the bath room – in a hot shower or resting on the throne.”

“Great Mentors. People who are already successful that have written a book(s), not just any author. Best to ask advice with successful mentors, not your friends.
The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord. Psalms
Abraham (a group of non-physical beings channeled by Ester Hicks)”

“For education, I look to those who have gone before. I listen and learn what worked and what didn’t. For wisdom, I have to look inside myself and listen to my inner voice. I have known many wise people but their wisdom could only be handed off as education. I have always been an early adapter. I watched hundreds of real estate agents buy thousands of tapes, books, video, and computer programs, take them home with the best of intentions, procrastinate and eventually do nothing, therefore wasting money and never moving forward with any sort of business model. If it looked good, we bought it, put it into immediate practice and if it worked, we kept it. If it didn’t work, we tweaked it and made it work or else learned a lesson and moved on.”

“First and foremost wisdom is gained from taking action which creates experience. With that said, if I need some advice I seek people that are living examples in the areas of my interest, directly or indirectly. People I know personally or individuals I know from books, audios, and videos. The law of the lid says we need to find lid lifters to help us get where we want to go. If I am a number 7, the law of the lid says I must find an 8,9, or 10 that has the knowledge and wisdom to lift me up to a higher level.”

“My wisdom comes from the Lord & His word! :-)”

“I think that one way wisdom is found is by simply looking into our natural gift of intuition–some may say by looking into our hearts, others may call this allowing God to speak to us. When we take a break, however brief, from the ‘noise’ that surrounds us, including the noise that lives in our own minds, it allows the wisdom to come forth–we just ‘know’. This is an oversimplification, of course, but is the only way to say briefly where wisdom may be found.”

“The phrase ‘Consider the source’ comes to mind. The more science sourced, the better reliability, but also, those who have studied and have first hand experience are more trusted than gossips.”

A friend wisely said, “Your wisdom teeth.”

Hope you enjoyed those, now go out and create some wisdom of your own!