Success Magazine, May 2012: 10X Your Business

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Great article by Dan Sullivan in the May, 2012 issue of Success Magazine, all about “10x Thinking” as regards your business.  He challenges us to think about growing our business ten-fold, rather than just doubling or tripling.  By thinking VERY big, it forces you to look at things completely differently.  My coach did this to me back in December when I mentioned to him that I was setting a goal to raise my income 2.5x and he challenged me to go 10x.  I accepted, and while I can’t say I’ve achieved that goal yet, it’s got me thinking a lot differently about everything I do in my coaching and training business.  What would your business look like if you started to think about growing it 10 times this year?  Scary yet exciting, yes?  Let me know what you think.