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* 4-hour recording of my teleseminar on Time Management, including the 41-page workbook.

* One hour, with workbook, on Negotiation Skills.

* One hour, with workbook, on Communication Styles, designed to teach you the four basic ways that people communicate, how to identify your style, how to identify other people’s styles, and how to adjust and flex your style to match theirs for better rapport, increased sales, and more effective communications.

* Additional recordings on how to design and deliver powerful presentations, the 5 Step Planning Process for Goal Accomplishment, how to write a business plan, and more!

* Several articles I’ve written over the years, such as The 7 Steps to Masterful Delegation, 10 Tips for Overcoming Procrastination, and There Ain’t No Such Thing as Time Management!

* Scripts and dialogues to be used with Expireds, FSBOs, for door knocking, and more!

* Ongoing tips and techniques, including research, links to other websites and other real estate related topics, announcements about upcoming workshops, book reviews, and much, much more.  I’ll be updating the site weekly with the latest and greatest about what’s happening in the real estate world, all designed to help you boost your sales and your careers.

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