Taking a Stand

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Dictionary definition #8 of the word stand: “to have or adopt a certain policy, course, or attitude, as of adherence, support, opposition, or resistance: He stands for free trade.”  This whole concept of taking a stand came up recently in a class I attended, and then my coach raised it again on Monday, so when that happens so close together I usually take it as a sign I must do something.  So here’s my stand: I will train, or cause to be trained, 1 million real estate professionals over the next 20 years in my time and activity management seminar.  The purpose of this is so that they become masters of their time and priorities and activities, which will result in them selling more real estate, which will lift the entire US economy out of the morass we’re in.  There, I’ve said it, I’ve made a very public declaration about it, and now I’d love your support in helping me accomplish my stand.  If you know of any real estate offices that would benefit from having their agents learn how to better manage their time and activities so they can sell more, please put me in contact with them.

And in closing, I’d like to ask you: what’s your stand?  What policy, course, or attitude do you stand for?  Let me know, I’d love to support you as well.  Have a great day!