Pay Attention, Part 2

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Pay Attention, Part 2
So last week I wrote about how digital and human interruptions are bombarding us every day, and the huge cost that creates. Here are some of the ideas you shared with me about how you lessen those interruptions in your own life:

-Move to an area with no distractions
-Sit facing a blank wall with a pen in hand while proofreading
-Put office phone on “always forward” so I don’t look at caller ID
-Shut the door to my office and tell my staff not to come in
-Go to classes or meetings without electronic devices

And here are some more suggestions from the article, many of which have to do with setting boundaries:

1. Only check e-mail at set times throughout the day (2-4 times is most productive).
2. Keep e-mail software and all noisemakers turned off unless you are using them.
3. When possible, use “No reply necessary” in the subject line or body of an e-mail to cut volleys.
4. Shut down personal calls during work hours.
5. Turn off browsers and social media.
6. Meditate. Studies show Buddhist monks have powerful attention skills.
7. Offer employees a mindfulness training course, teaching them how to boost concentration, focus on the moment and prevent burnout.

OK, I hope at least one of those gives you some idea about how you can cut down on distractions and pay more attention. Good luck!