Love and business

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Given that I’ve recently blogged about risk, and the fact that Valentine’s Day is this Saturday, I Googled “Love and Business” and found this interesting article about the combination of the two (excerpt below, full article at

“Loving and leading this way is a risk, no doubt about it. It’s a risk for your personal relationships, it’s a risk for your professional reputation, it’s a risk for your self-esteem. It’s not comfortable. Instead, it’s about finding what level of discomfort are we comfortable with. Going down the road to loving a lot means that you’re more invested, more exposed to getting hurt. But what’s the alternative? To not love not at all, or loving less freely, less completely, living alone? Isn’t this the same as hurting, potentially, all the time? In Erik’s opinion, the former is a risk worth taking, a free-falling plunge he’s willing to fall into backwards, eyes closed. Why? Because whatever the investment may be — financial, emotional, physical, spiritual — the gains are doubled when they’re done with love. At home with his wife and kids and at work with his patients and team — his two families that simply go by different names — Erik’s method of leading with love is working. It’s about giving everything you’ve got.”

“…the gains are doubled when they’re done with love.” Isn’t that the truth? When I’ve given a client an extra 15 minutes on a call, or sent them an email for extra support, or found an article that I knew they’d like to read, and I did it from love, not “Gee, I hope I make more money from this client,” it’s always turned out great. And in fact, the phone rings and “out of the clear blue sky” it’s a new potential client who heard about me from someone else and wants to hire me (which, by the way, is happening with increasing regularity this year, AMEN!). What goes around, comes around.

So who can you give a bit more love to today, this week, this month? Which family member, colleague, client, and yes, even competitor, can you show more love to? Because remember, “What the world needs now, is love, sweet love. It’s the only thing, that there’s just too little of.” I love you!