If you always do what you’ve always done…

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…you’ll always get what you always got! How true that is, especially as we enter into a new year. If you look closely, you’ll see that 80-90% of our lives are automatic, habits, things that we do without much thinking. What are you doing differently this year than you did last year? Or are you on autopilot when it comes to your business and personal life? In order for me to hit my 2014 goals, I’m going to have to be a different person than I’ve been up to this point. My coach challenged me to re-think my goals from the standpoint of being vs. doing, and here’s what I came up with (and by the way, I read these, along with my goals, every day):
1. Be more respectful of Marie (my wife)
2. Be more professional in the meetings I attend
3. Be more bold in making requests, especially around asking for money
4. Be more confident when talking with CEOs, big players in the real estate field, etc.
5. Be more disciplined about using my time, especially when it comes to getting sidetracked by computer games
6. Be more strategic about who to call and what events to attend
7. Be more focused when working from home
8. Be more diligent about making investments
By being different, my actions will naturally show up as different…and hopefully more effective. I’ll keep you posted throughout the year. And how are you going to be different this year? Let me know.