The Big Kahuna

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The Big Kahuna

I just read an article from one of my mentors, T. Harv Eker, where he talked about The Big Kahuna, or the one big thing. He was talking about work-life balance, and on the work side, he said if you want to be rich, you’ve got to focus on the one big thing that will move your business forward the most. He also suggested spending 50% of your business hours on that one big thing.

Now I’ll admit I don’t spend 50% of my business time on my one big thing (which is lead generation and lead follow up) but I do spend at least 1 hour every day, Monday to Friday, working on that one item. And it’s the 2nd thing on my To-Do list every day as well (after 30 minutes of meditating, which always comes first). 30 minutes making outgoing calls to line up complimentary coaching sessions, and at least 30 minutes following up with leads already in the pipeline. And just that one big thing has made a huge difference in my coaching business (which is averaging twice the revenue per month this year that I averaged all of last year! Woo, Hoo!).

What’s your one big thing? Writing a book, putting up an awesome website, lead generation, social media marketing? What’s that One Big Thing that if you do it, and do it consistently, will make a huge difference in your business? Let me know.

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